What is your favorite part
about your STAR Program?

“STAR is easy to learn, easy to run and very helpful with year end reports.  Saves many hours of manual figuring on chemical sales and covered acres.”  Peg at Franklin County

“Can be used to run entire operation from receipts to reports to chemical sales.”  Larry at Russell County

“It is very user friendly.  The drop down boxes save time and errors.  The reports are easy to run and the print outs are well formatted and easy to read.”   Rhonda at Harvey County

“The program is easy to look up anything from people, chemical, funds, or accounts.  Mary at Jackson County

Would you recommend
STAR to others?

“Yes.  The STAR Program is one that can be used with a minimal amount of tech support.  The format is self explanatory and can be learned by a person with little computer knowledge.” Rhonda at Harvey County

“Yes.  It is a very thorough program and support staff is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Good response time.”   Peg at Franklin County

“Definitely.  It's fast, it's easy, it's great.  Even if you don't know much about a computer.  This program can be learned very fast.”   Mary at Jackson County

“Yes, as all information needed has been included as well as the support being available when there is a problem.”   Denny at Logan County


“Thank you for being there and your joyous willingness to help.  I'm not apprehensive to call for help.”

P.O. Box 27  Danville, KS  67035
Phone:  620-962-5482  Fax: 620 962-5452


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