STAR Programming offers a simple solution for Home Health Departments to manage all Health Care Providers and Programs including Medicare, Medicaid, SCA, Title II and more.  The STAR Health Module uses the TimeSheet approach to record employee activities and track client visits.  Calculates client share and program costs for each visit and prepares statements for client billings.

Records and generates employee mileage reports.

Manage Inventory for billable and non-billable supplies.

Prepares numerous reports including billing reports for all Health Care Providers.




STAR Programming offers a Waste Management Module that tracks the collection and disposal of solid waste, recyclables, and household hazardous waste.  Organize the type of waste collected and breakdown the amount of collection for each month.

Issue invoices and control Accounts Receivables

Print a variety of reports including a Solid Waste Tonnage Report and the HHW Annual Report.

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