STAR Programming is a home grown business in Kansas, USA.  It started creating software in 1984 for local businesses in a small rural community. This was the age when accounting was still done by hand and owning a personal computer was the new trend.

STAR Programming developed a variety of applications designed for check writing, invoicing, receipts, accounts receivable, inventory control and payroll. Each program was customized specifically for each type of business. Clients included a car dealership, a manufacturing plant, a bank, a pharmacy, a clothes store, a bakery, an attorney, and a few farmers. In the public sector, STAR Programming created applications for the Road & Bridge, Noxious Weed and Health departments in Harper County.

Originally, the applications were developed with Lotus 123 spreadsheets. When Microsoft launched Access, STAR Programming  saw the advantages of using a relational database for data collection instead of the traditional spreadsheet. Thus, started the long process of converting software to a new format and mastering a new programming language (VBA).

In the late 1990's, STAR Programming saw the growing need for software in the public sector and focused on perfecting the STAR Road and STAR Weed modules. Each year features were added and improvements made to create complete, comprehensive and user-friendly programs. STAR Programming believes this a necessity to earn customer satisfaction.

Today STAR Programming supports over 125 users in 85 counties in the State of Kansas. In 2010, STAR Programming launched new upgrades and added mapping to the product line. The new GIS feature is completely integrated with the current STAR Road and STAR Weed modules. 

STAR Programming has evolved with the times...

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